Here are the 5 areas most critical addressing this concern:

Here are the 5 areas most critical addressing this concern:

1. Fear. Most of the time the issue is not that the patients don’t remember, its that never even had the chance to remember. The doctor was too afraid to tell the patient what they needed to know. You must have a specific system that teaches the “big idea” to every single person. Again, your job as teacher is to make sure they are all getting the information. Do you have this? Is it effective?

2. Frustrated. Often times I find doctors or staff have arrived at a state of “learned helplessness.” They just assume the patients won’t get it anyway, why even try. This is such a sad place to arrive, and devastating to the patients. What you often see at this stage is people blaming the patients for not getting it. It is crucial that you present the vitalistic message in a exciting, passionate way for the people that have never had the chance. Again, think of your favorite teacher, it was not the bored, monotoned professor reading from a powerpoint.

3. Delusional. This is what was most evident in the study. The doctors believed they were teaching it, yet the patients had no idea. This is so critical to understand. Just because you said something does not mean they heard you, understand you, or agree with you. Just because you say “the body needs no help, just no interference” does not mean the patients have shifted their paradigm of health. There really is no shortcut to get better at this, but a good starting point is to ask your patients question. Most doctors are doing all the talking. Ask patients questions to see what they know. This is really the only way for you to see where they are at. ASK!

4. The WHY, not Wellness Tips. This is a very slippery slope. It is very common to end up offering an endless list of health, nutrition, wellness tips but never actually teach the underlying principle behind it. For example, you may provide omega-3 in your office, or a patient may ask about them, and most often you may just tell them how much to take or where to get it. This is a miss. Our job is to explain WHY their body may (or may not) need omega-3 to function normally. Start with WHY.

5. You forgot how big. This is often at the very core of the issue. The doctor themselves has either forgotten or never knew how big the vitalistic principles are. They don’t see them as revolutionary, they don’t see the magnitude of the issue and the stakes. Think about how much the vitalistic, ADIO principles have transformed your own personal life. Well, remember someone taught you. If we want to make the impact we all talk about, then the people gotta get it!

BJ Palmer was asked if anyone ever got the “big idea” and lost it. His answer was “then they never had it” We must be relentless in the teaching of the big idea. Your job is not offering wellness tips or “natural solutions”. The implications of this are unbelievable. As the real vitalistic awareness grows and people understand that there is in fact a better way to approach health, the demand will increase, the pressure for change will build, and the healthcare revolution can be realized – BUT ONLY IF THEY KNOW!