Crucial On A Cruise

Crucial On A Cruise

Crucial On A Cruise

After months of long hard days and even nights at work, you finally had enough of it. You decided to stand up for yourself and ask the big boss for a vacation leave. Thankfully, he grants it to you. He does not want you to burn-out anyway, resulting to lack of concentration and numerous absences.

Though you will just be taking the week off, make sure that it will be all worth it. A whole week could be the one thing you will need to relax and take a breather. Think of leisure, relaxation and fun that luxurious cruise liners bring. If you think that that is the answer for you to forget the problems, stresses and hassles your work has brought you which is evident in your face, then you might as well jump at this once in a blue moon chance. Have time for yourself and nurture relationships with your family and friends. Lastly, for your week off to be worth it, a definite must is to NOT forget to bring the following items.

1. Avoid relying on hotel room toothbrushes and towels. Bring your own to make you feel like you are still at home. Do not forget to bring a deodorant, a mouthwash, perfumes, and shaving creams. In cruises, you will most likely be on board with elite people. Bad hygiene is not a good idea.

2. Undergarments that are in top condition should be in your luggage. Bring ones in neutral colors.

3. There will always be parties happening each night of your stay and to really enjoy those nights is to be seen in fabulous outfits. Get compliments by bringing a magnificent long gown and wear it on formal events or opt for a cocktail dress, preferably in black. High-heeled stilettos help up your confidence level notches high. Guys can go for a polo shirt paired with a pair of jeans or slacks for that prim and proper look and pair it of with shiny black shoes. Socks should go with the color of your trousers. A big no-no is a pair of white gym socks. Sneakers are good for casual affairs.

4. Ladies have to have make-up in their bag. To avoid a bulky luggage, just bring a make-up palette that already has eyeshadows, blush, lipstick and gloss in all complementing shades. You should also bring a good foundation. Never share make-up with anyone, especially brushes.

5. Florals on men are only appropriate if it is summer so don’t even think about it. As for the ladies, a pair of bikinis that fits in all the right places will do wonders. Play it safe so bring with you sun protection and sunglasses.